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No Dead Guys, one of the best music blogs anywhere, invited me to do an interview with writer Rhonda Rizzo.


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Lunas y Agua

Lunas y Agua #7 / Ron Warren / 2020

Lunas y Agua is a set of thirteen songs, each celebrating encounters, memories and musical musings from one Lunar Month here in central Florida. Each is “notated” as a Graphic Score that can be performed by any musician or group of musicians on the instruments of their choice. Of course, my first versions will be solos on Native Flutes. Lunas y Agua 1-4 are now available on YouTube. Others to follow as they are ready. Visit my Blog page for more info about the project

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No Dead Guys, one of the best music blogs anywhere, invited me to do an interview with writer Rhonda Rizzo.


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Duos with Leonard

Lenny 3

Lenny's studio somewhere in the Blue Ridge

Eko Nova Concert

from Whispers / Ron Warren / 2019

This fine group in Omaha, Nebraska offered me a rare opportunity to do an entire concert of my music conceived for Native Flute and Euro-Classical musicians. Alas, the concert was lost to Covid and has not been able to be rescheduled, but stay tuned. One never knows…

Guitarist Leonard Stevens is one of my very favorite musicians. These four songs have been stuck in the studio for a while (through no fault of Leonard’s), but I hope to get them out in the next year or so.

Cutting Edge Concerts
New Music Festival 2021

This April 19 concert was restructured due to travel and quarantine issues. I was not there, but my music was. Click the YouTube button below to view the concert Live Stream. The other button will take you to a review of the concert in Classical Voice America. Pianist Paul Barnes was wonderful! (as always)

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Any tracks in album playlists can be previewed and purchased right here at the website. Spotify players will give you a preview of one track from the album. Log into your Spotify account to hear the whole thing.


On your favorite streaming or download site, search the Album Title or Ron Warren


Many Roads Home is listed with the band name Aura Surey

Red Moon may be listed under any of the artists' names

13 solo tracks that are a Native Flute journey 

This 2-CD project of just flutes, shakers and drums (all played by me) has been a fan favorite ever since its release. All 35 tracks are available at iTunes for the single album price of $9.99! Click the Spotify player for a short sample.

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A super-trio of world indigenous musicians in a Native American Music Award nominated celebration of Native Flutes, didgeridoo, cello, samples and grooves


All albums are available on many streaming and download sites like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc.


Search the Album Title, Ron Warren or

(for Many Roads Home), Aura Surey.

Native Flute goes full band roots to reggae on this Native American Music Awards multi-nominated disc

NOTE: The Bonus Track "Taino Prayer Song" is not included on this website edition album

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MARCH SNOW on YouTube.

Great guitar solo by Leonard Stevens

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SUNDANCE with Janice Torres' great vocals on YouTube

Four highlight tracks from this popular album, described by International Online Music Magazine as "simply necessary"

Jasmine will stream the entire track

Hear Brian Kooken's great guitar solo

This disc received an Individual Artist Award from the Maryland Arts Council. Support from some really great guest artists certainly helped...

Live Stream Unique Native American Flute Performances

Live Music creates an unforgettable experience for listeners and musicians. When health or budget concerns keep us from being together, LIVE STREAMING can be the perfect solution.





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No travel expenses or special setups keeps costs reasonable


Zoom delivers excellent sound quality, direct from my studio to wherever you are.


All services are easily invoiced and billed through PayPal.

Ron, your music is an incredibly beautiful gift. You are a brilliant light in our world. Thank you so much for sharing your music with us today.”

Diana Christie, founder and leader of

Spirit First meditation group

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When our ancestors created our Native American style flute, our “classical” flute, they designed it to play our music our way. But in their wisdom, they also created a musical instrument that is as expressive and versatile as any on the planet. 

I love playing my flutes in traditional ways and in traditional settings like powwows. It has been an honor to be a featured artist at the National Museum of the American Indian and at Indig cultural gatherings around the country.

with Kealae at RNAFF 2014 -

a special song for a guest princess at powwow in Maryland

I have also loved playing 


with Chinese Yang Qin, with Ukulele


      with classical orchestras  


            with electronica improv musicians  


                 with modern dance groups and film makers

jamming with Keale

at festival in Tennessee

Powwow or Papal Mass, club, concert hall or live stream my flutes go anywhere and everywhere


with Helen Yee (Yang Qin) and Angelika Sheridan (silver bass flute) at Music Omi in New York

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My flutes are made by 


Click this photo of my signature flute 

to check out his website


Learn to Play Native American Flute

Sharing the how to’s of music making has been a big part of my life. I have worked with private students, in the university classroom and in every imaginable workshop setting from nature center to flute circle to online. 

Timber Flute Festival presentation.JPG

Workshop at Timber Flute Festival in Elkins, West Virginia

For a PDF with more specific info about lesson, workshop and tutoring options, click this PDF LINK.

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Thank you cards from an elementary school

McDaniel College 2011.JPG

University workshop

BAIC workshop

After a group lesson at an American Indian Center


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I am enrolled Echota Cherokee. We are a state recognized band with lands and offices in northern Alabama. I fly our flag proudly and try to walk in the wisdom of its motto, "Progress through Indian unity."